Dicronite® is the original proven, precision dry film lubricant.  It is the first Tungsten Disulfide (WS2) dry lubricant developed for NASA and patented in 1965. Registered as DL5®, Dicronite is dry air applied at ambient temperatures, requiring no cure time, binders, adhesives or carriers. It provides an ultra-low coefficient of friction and a maximum thickness of 0.5 microns which does not affect precision tolerances. This trademarked form of modified WS2 bonds to many substrates. It does not require removal prior to repairs, and can be reapplied over itself without expensive stripping.

  • Increases the performance of bearings, connectors, sleeves, and other rotating/sliding components in extreme conditions.
  • Eliminates fretting/galling and improves plastic mold performance.
  • Stable from +538C to cryogenic temperature, ultra low out-gassing with a precise 0.5 micron film

Key to Dicronite dry lubrication’s wide range of applications are its:

  • Ultra-low coefficient of friction (u=0.030)
  • Precision film thickness of 0.5 microns maximum (0.000020 inches)
  • Wide functional temperature span – 188C to +538C (up to +1316C in vacuum)
  • Near ambient temperature (max 35C) application process

Based on these key values, Dicronite dry lubrication is proven world-wide for:

  • Friction and wear reduction
  • Anti-seize / anti-galling / anti-fretting
  • Plastic mold release and flow enhancement
  • Co-lubrication enhancement in combination with oils and greases
  • Co-deposit with Ni, Cr, Ti and many other coatings
  • In place of conventional lubricants in high-vacuum/temperature situations