Functional Properties:
• Friction reduction via ultra-low coefficient of friction ( μ=0.030).
• No effect on mold dimensions, film thickness maximum 0.5 microns.
• High temperature stability up to 538°C.
• Useful on both mold surfaces and moving/side parts.

Dicronite Dry Lubrication Benefits:
• Reduced Cycle times
• Up to 25% cycle time reduction demolding PP undercut screw caps.
• 15% cycle time reduction demolding EVA seal.
• 10% cycle time reduction demolding PP measuring cup closure.

Reduced Reject Rates:
• Force-demolded PP notched snap reject rate reduced plus an added benefit of 12% cycle time reduction.
• Force-demolding PP measuring cup closure reject rate reduced from ~1% to <0.1% by reduced jolting during demolding.

Reduced Maintenance Costs:
• 1 Million cycles with no noticeable wear on 70N side loaded 3mm ejector pins.
• 10x ROI (cost reduction/application cost) on sliding parts used in shaping interior honeycomb contour for molded polyamide gear levers.

Reduced Filling Pressure:
• In molds with long flow distance and small wall thickness the filing pressure may be reduced, lowering flash production and energy cost, and extending mold life.