Functional Properties
• Reduce wear and friction with ultralow coefficient of friction (μ= 0.030)
• Precision film (0.5 microns maximum) enables pre-design specification or correcting after-design issues (e.g. stick-slip, galling, etc)
• Wide functional temperature range (-188C to +538C) permits harsh environments
• Radiation and x-ray stable, withstands all common sterilization procedures
• Biocompatible

Medical Specific Testing
• ISO-10993-5 for Biocompatibility
• ISO-13402 and ASTM F-1089 for Sterilization of Surgical Hand Instruments
• Gamma Ray stability for Sterilization
• ASTM F-945 for Titanium Stress Corrosion
• ASTM E-595 for Vacuum Stability/Outgassing
• FDA Masterfile to support FDA Device Approval
• Additional testing upon request

Example Applications
• Dental air-drill gear and bearing lubrication providing longer life, lower friction and reduced maintenance.
• Surgical tool hinge/pivot lubrication enabling higher precision tolerances, reduced wear and greater reliability.
• Anti-galling treatment for titanium and stainless bone fixturing hardware.
• Bearing, magnetic motion component and linear guide lubrication in vacuum environments inside medical imaging equipment enabling longer life and reduced cost.
• Guide wires, endosurgical tool guides and cannula to reduce insertion force and minimize galling.
• Ophthalmological biopsy sampling device with sliding inside diameter sampling tube against outside diameter tube to prevent galling and reduce actuation force