Quality Inspection Prior To Starting And After Dicronite Coating Process Is Completed: In the event a Customer, as part of their work scope, identifies components to be free from “nicks”, “dings”, and/or “scratches” , especially on components identified as “flight critical” components, and requires a 100% inspection after the application of our precision dry film lubrication coating process to ensure such condition, Dicronite Southwest Inspection team will not only perform such an inspection “after” the coating process is completed, but also “prior” to the start of the coating process as well. 

Dicronite Southwest Quality Inspection Team utilizes our Lynx Evo Microscopes with photographic software capabilities to perform inspections, especially when components are required to be free from “nicks”, “dings”, and/or “scratches”.

If components are received with the presence of “nicks”, “dings”, and/or “scratches”, our quality team notifies a Customer via e-mail with pictures identifying the actual condition of the components identifying the extent and presence of such “nicks”, “dings” and/or “scratches” for their review, giving the Customer the opportunity to determine whether or not it is acceptable to continue to have the components “coated” , or direct Dicronite Southwest to return the components to them for possibly re-work the affected components.

Masking is a process where we tape off areas where Dicronite dry lube is not desired, and we use a special masking tape to be applied to the parts by hand.