Happy & Prosperous New Year!  I would like to wish you and all of your colleagues along with your families, a Happy & Prosperous New Year, and that our thoughts and prayers will be with you that you remain Safe & Healthy this upcoming year!

In our 60 years of being in business as a Dry Lubrication Coating Company, we certainly have faced many challenges over the years, but nothing compared to what COVID-19 has brought upon many of us, resulting in a decrease in our overall business this past year like so many others. However, in spite of the effects of COVID-19; we were very blessed in that we continued to receive various component parts from you so that we could support your Organization with their Dicronite Dry Lubrication Coating and/or Passivation requirements, which allowed us to keep everyone of our valuable employees working this past year!

For that I am very grateful, and as we come to the end of the year, I find it to be a time of reflection, not so much to reflect on those things that we may have personally or professionally accomplished during the course of the year that we think is important, but rather to reflect on the people  that we have had the opportunity and privilege of interacting, meeting and/or spending some time with, be it colleagues, friends or family, especially those that have contributed to making a positive difference in our lives, as we hopefully have contributed to making a positive difference in theirs, that not only makes the passage of time this past year special and memorable, but should inspire us to look forward to the coming of yet another year,  to again appreciate the people and time that we may have with them!

Sincerely, Frank X. Leon
General Manager of Dicronite Southwest

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