On behalf of all of us at Dicronite Southwest, we hope that you and all of your colleagues within your Organization remained healthy and safe this Easter, and were able to spend it together with your families to the degree possible given the current situation we are all facing!

If the Corona Virus has taught us anything, is that it is more important than ever to realize that although we are all unique individuals with different backgrounds, beliefs and opinions which should be respected; we now know more than ever, that our independent actions affect each other, and in the final analysis, we are all one people!

If we are to overcome this virus, as well as any other challenges that may befall us as people, especially here in these great Unites States of America, regardless of our unique individualities; it is my conviction that that we will overcome this pandemic so long as we behave in a manner that demonstrates the importance of believing in something that is bigger than ourselves, outside of ourselves and not just about ourselves, putting a higher importance for the common good in order to defeat this virus!

I am confident that we have all seen this conviction demonstrated in the unselfish acts of those in the medical field such as front line responders, Doctors, Nurses and all of the behind the scenes support staff, as well as those in Law Enforcement and Fire Department who have put themselves at risk!

I pray that those in leadership positions will not just verbally acknowledge such demonstrations of
unselfish actions by others, but will act in a similar fashion and arrive at decisions based on guiding
principles for the good and benefit of all, rather than making decisions based more on pragmatic
considerations that are more in line with their personal and or professional objectives.

The balancing of making decisions based on “principles” versus “pragmatic” considerations is always a difficult one, but when one signs up for a position to care for others, especially in a leadership role, one’s decision making abilities must be based on guiding principles for the benefit of all, more so, than pragmatic self-serving ones to be successful as a leader, even if it means that it may be at ones own expense, especially in a pandemic type situation as we are all facing!

Our thoughts and prayers at Dicronite Southwest are with all of you, your colleagues and your families!


Frank X. Leon
General Manager
Dicronite Southwest