We are excited to announce that Dicronite Southwest will be showcasing its innovative aerospace
solutions at Space Tech Expo 2024, taking place from May 13th to 15th in Long Beach,

With a legacy spanning 60 years, Dicronite Southwest is a trusted name in the aerospace
industry, holding NADCAP, AS9100, and ITAR accreditations. Based in Upland, CA, we specialize in Dicronite/Tungsten Dry Lubrication Coating and Passivation services, catering to
esteemed clients including NASA, JPL, SpaceX, and more.


Join us at our booth for an exclusive look at our advanced coatings and their transformative
impact on aerospace components. Engage with our team of experts and discover how Dicronite
coatings can enhance performance, durability, and reliability in space applications.

Please mark your calendars for May 13th, when we kick off the expo with an Exhibitor and VIP
Networking Reception, followed by two days of exhibits and conferences on May 14th and 15th.