A new medical device application was designed and manufactured, where our precision Dicronite DL-5 Dry Lubrication Coating was applied on a connecting Luer used in a Delivery Catheter that is placed in the heart of a person that helps to correct an Atrial Septal Defect.

Apparently approximately 20% of humans have some type of “thru-defect” that can cause performance issues (O2 saturation, clots, strokes,..)

In an attempt to address this heart defect, I was informed by the Engineering Department of the Company that designed and manufactured this Delivery Catheter, that they were experiencing sticking issues which prevented their device from deploying to correct this heart condition. After evaluating our Dicronite Coating which we applied to their “Leur” , our coating help addressed the intermittent sticking issues that they were experiencing that prevented their device from deploying and functioning properly to close the hole in a person’s heart!

Apparently typical Luers generally have small wall thicknesses that can lend itself to intermittent sticking issues, which may cause the thin walled polymers to tear and create leaks.

Below is a picture of the connecting Luers in the Delivery Catheter, where Dicronite was applied to help make this procedure possible.