Point 1.0 Points Of Contact Information:

Frank X. Leon, General Manager / Cell Phone: (714) 686-6393
Katie Tomaszewski, Quality Engineer
Francisco Vega, Customer Service / Contracts Administrator
Keyla Fonseca, Customer Service / Accounting
Garrett B. Leon – Engineering
General e-mail:
All Request For Quotes
We can all be reached at (909) 982-5100

Point 2.0 Request For Quote Submittals

We greatly appreciate if you would please send all request for quotes to RFQ@dicronitesouthwest.com , which allows us to facilitate the processing of your quote

Point 3.0 Pricing:
Although you may receive an initial e-mail with pricing in response to your request for quote after it has
been reviewed by our Production, Engineering and Cost Accounting Departments, a formal quotation will
also be sent to you as well for your review and consideration.

Point 4.0 PO Requirements:

1) PO #
2) Part #
3) Price Per Piece
4) Qty By Part #
5) Scope of Work
a. Apply Dicronite DL-5 to entire surface area, no masking required
b. Apply Dicronite DL-5 to designated areas, “overspray” is acceptable
c. Apply Dicronite DL-5 only to designated areas, “overspray” not
acceptable, masking required
6) Certification – Certs required (yes/no)
7) Dicronite Spec – SAE AMS 2530A, DOD-L-85645A (unless otherwise specified)
8) Passivation Spec – SAE AMS 2700E, Method 2, (copper sulphate acceptance
testing) or ASTM A967, Paragraph 7

Point 5.0 PO Acceptance & Acknowledgments Of Purchase Orders

In the event that we receive a Purchase Order, and needed information is missing, an email will be sent to you notifying what information is still needed to accept and process your order.

Once we receive the needed additional information, you will receive an e-mail confirming the acceptance and release of your POI to Production for processing.

Point 6.0 Quality Notifications On PO’s Accepted & Released To Production But Placed On Quality Hold Pending Customer Approval

When Customer parts are received, and we perform either a “visual sampling” inspection and/or a 100% inspection as directed by a Customer to ensure the absence of “nicks” and/or “dings”, and our QC identifies the presence of such, an e-mail will be sent by our QC Engineer advising that the processing of the order is on “hold”, pending confirmation whether or not we are given authorization to proceed with the processing of the parts in question.

This will result in a day for day slip in requested delivery schedule until such written authorization to proceed is provided to our QC Department.

Point 7.0 Minimum Lot Charges

DICRONITE – Please be advised, that when the Per Piece Price x the Qty involved for a single individual part number is less than our published Minimum Lot Charge of $280.00 dollars, our minimum lot charge price will prevail.
PASSIVATION – If Passivation is required, our Minimum Lot Charge for Passivation is $120.00 dollars without Dicronite, but is reduced to $100.00 dollars when combined with the application of Dicronite.
Please note that For Passivation, we certify to SAE AMS 2700E, Method 2, where we utilize citric acid (Copper Sulfate Acceptance testing).

Point 9.0 Environmental Fee

Please be advised that there is a 5% environmental fee that will apply to the total value of any and all order over the value of our Minimum Lot Charge of $280.00 dollars.

Point 10.0 Factors That Influence Cost / Price:

1) Scope of work, (defined below in point 7)
2) Design complexity (radius, angles, cavities)
3) Dimensional characteristics,
4) Weight
5) Material type
6) Scope of work:
a) apply Dicronite DL-5 to entire surface area, no masking required
b) apply Dicronite DL-5 to designated surface areas, “overspray” is acceptable
c) apply Dicronite DL-5 only to designated areas, “overspray” not acceptable, masking required
7) Applicable specs,
a) For Dicronite, we certify to SAE AMS2530A and DOD-L-85645A)
b) For Passivation, we certify to SAE AMS 2700E, Method 2, (Copper Sulfate Acceptance testing)
c) ASTM A967, Paragraph 7.
8) Other Customer driven specs, such as those required by such Companies as Eaton, Northstar, Boeing, Northrop, SpaceX and Parker.

Point 11.0 Lead Time:

Standard Lead Time is 5 Business Days from time we physically receive parts. Our cutoff time is 10:00am for same day order entry processing to meet a 5 day delivery time frame. Any and all orders received after 10:00am will be processed the next business day, with lead time starting on the day it is processed.

Point 12.0 Expedite Service:

We offer Same Day, 1, 2 and 3 Day expedite service based on availability. All Expedites are Subject to Dicronite Southwest Confirmation. An Expedite fee will be quoted separately as requested.

Point 13.0 Customer Shipping Instructions To Dicronite Southwest

Please be advised that when placing a PO, that your shipping instructions are clearly identified as to how you wish us to ship your parts. The options are as follows:
a) UPS Next Day Air AM (before 10:00am sometimes referred to as “red”)
b) UPS Next Day Air (after 10:00am)
c) 2 Day Air AM (before 10:00am)
d) 2 Day Air (after 10:00am)
e) 3 Day Air
Your UPS or FEDEX Account Number is required for parts to ship. We apologize but we do not ship “Pre-Paid AND ADD”

Point 14.0 Shipping Address To Dicronite Southwest

Please ship any and all parts that you wish to send us here at Dicronite Southwest for processing to the following address:
Dicronite Southwest
Att: Joanna Marron
Shipping / Receiving Department
1495 W. 9th Street # 201
Upland , CA 91786
Tel: (909) 982-5100

Thanks again for your interest in Dicronite Southwest, and we look forward to
supporting you with your Dicronite Dry Lubrication Coating requirements
Frank X. Leon
General Manager
Dicronite Southwest
1495 W. 9th Street # 201
Upland, CA 91786
Tel: 909-982-5100
Cell: 714-686-6393